How the City Communicates

June 04, 2024

There are several ways you can get news about the community and/or the city specifically.

A question we hear pretty frequently from Citizens: “How do we sign up for communication from the city?” Well, we’re glad you asked! There are several ways you can get news about the community and/or the city specifically.

In Person

The simplest way we communicate with many of you is obvious in a community this small: We talk to you. Call us any time during open hours (8am-5pm) at City Hall, contact us with general questions via the website contact form, or stop and ask a question at Public Works, City Hall, or the Police Station. We’re here, rain or shine, snow or ice. Maybe even hail and tornadoes =)


Speaking of in person chatting, you’re always welcome to attend a City Council Meeting or worksession. Council Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month, currently at the Baldwin City Public Library. We do plan to move Council Meetings to the Community Center sometime later this year, but there’s not a definite timeline for that quite yet.

City staff and elected officials will be hosting an information table at the 3rd Friday Markets taking place in June, July, August, and September. Look for us on High Street between 7th and 8th, and bring questions. We’re happy to answer, or find answers for you!

Online Platforms

The City Website is the main hub for all things city-related, at Let us know if you’re looking for something and can’t find it, we’re always happy to help. Pages that see a lot of traffic include Utility Bill Pay, City Council Hub, the City Calendar, and City Code. Also check out the News Feed and the Residents and Resources pages.

Social media is one way of staying connected, of course. We have Facebook pages for the City, Fire Department, and Police Department. All three are regularly updated. There’s also Twitter and Instagram, if you’re not a Facebook person.

We don’t have Pinterest, TikTok, SnapChat, or Threads, but we do have a YouTube account with live-streamed videos of Council Meetings, informational videos, and occasional interviews with important people like the mayor. There’s also a Flickr account where you can find local photos, free to use with a Creative Commons license. We do have a Nextdoor page, and you’re welcome to follow us there if you like.

Print & Email Communications

The Beacon is the City's newsletter. If you don’t get it emailed direct to your inbox every other month, why not fix that right now?

Subscribe now

Our utility customers (around 1800 of you) hear from us every month, whether via email or paper bill in your mailbox. The Beacon is printed and distributed inside the utility bills every other month: February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Sometimes we include other important printed information in the bills, on an as-needed basis. Other print materials are created when needed and distributed when and where it’s most important.


We work with The Maple Weekly to publish city announcements, events, news and info. Everything we publish in The Maple is also available on our website, so you don’t have to purchase a paper to read City information. But if you want the local scoop (not just City information) delivered to your mailbox or email, you can subscribe to The Maple Weekly for a minimal monthly or annual fee.

Maple Weekly Subscription Info

The Maple Magazine publishes city-focused articles and handy graphic guides, as well as lots of other local content, twice a year. Look for The Maple Mag in your mailbox twice a year (it’s free, and mailed to all 66006 residents!), or check at your favorite Baldwin City restaurant or store to pick up a free copy in the winter and summer.

Your Turn

Is there a platform or medium you wish we used? Let us know by emailing city communications director Lynn Meador directly with your thoughts.

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