Downed Tree Branch Pickup

May 21, 2024

Public Works staff has been picking up downed tree branches from Sunday's storm the last two days. Typically after a storm they will go out and collect limbs as soon as possible after severe weather. If there is storm damage tonight, they’ll continue to pickup as needed the next few days.

They will pick up your storm debris if:

* It's out by the road. They cannot enter your yard to pick up limbs.

* It's storm debris. Regular maintenance tree trimming and landscaping is not eligible for pickup.

However, if you have landscape and tree trimming waste to dispose of, Citywide Cleanup is coming up on June 8th and you may dispose of it for free during the event. You may also dispose of tree limbs and wood scraps on your bulky waste pickup day, although Ottawa Sanitation cannot pickup storm debris.

More information regarding Citywide Cleanup is available here: