New Trash Contract Questions & Answers

January 30, 2024

When will new cans/polycarts be delivered?

January 22-30

How will yard waste be handled?

Yard waste will be picked up on your bulky pickup day once per month.

Will they collect the old recycling bins?

Yes, you will need to set their old bins out on their recycle day and put a note that says “take.”

Will you be mailing the information flyer and/or attaching to the carts?

There will be information attached to the bins, there is information in the newspaper, and on our website. There will also be additional information in the Beacon newsletter inside your utility bill.

How will alley pick up change?

GES is still working on how to handle this issue. If it affects you, you're welcome to call GES directly on this issue: 1-800-870-5393.

How will this affect commercial clients?

Commercial clients don't fall under the city's contract with GES, so you'll need to contact them directly.

What about cost?

First trash bin = 16.73 + admin fee

Bulky pick up (not optional) = $5.30

Recycling (optional) = $12 first bin + admin fee

Second trash bin (optional) = $5

Second recycling bin (optional) = $12

Admin fees (assessed to cover billing expenses incurred by the City) will be determined by City Council on February 6, 2024. The current admin fee is $3.25 for trash and $1 for recycling.

There is a franchise fee on all City Utilities, set by City Council. The current assesment is 5%.

How do I contact Green Environmental Services directly?

When does the new schedule begin?

Monday, January 29, 2024

How often will recycling be picked up?

Once per month, on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

How often will trash be picked up?

Once per week. Your pick up day may have changed.

Why do we have to pay for new trash bins when we already have bins?

The fee is for the trash in the bins, not a rental fee. The new bins are required due to the new automated trucks Ottawa Sanitation will be using. Automated trucks are quickly becoming an industry standard, due to insurance requirements as well as difficulty finding and keeping staff.

Can we opt out and haul our own trash?

Sorry, city ordinance requires citizens inside city limits to use the vendor chosen by City Council. You will be billed for services on your utility bill.

Why is recycling not required or included in basic services?

City Council chose to let individuals decide.

When did Ottawa Sanitation sell to Green Environmental?

In 2018, 5 years ago. The City of Baldwin City was operating under a trash contract that hasn't increased in 10 years.

Can we just burn our own trash?

Burning trash within city limits is illegal.

Did the City try to get multiple trash bids?

Yes, we received two bids. City Council chose to go with the cheaper option. Another company chose not to bid on it, saying they couldn't match GES' prices.

Wednesday trash pick up coincides with second Wednesday bulky item pickup. Does this mean people with Wednesday trash pickup won't get picked up on the second Wednesday, per the flyer in the bins?

No, Wednesday trash will be picked up weekly just like Monday and Friday pickups. Wednesday trash people will ALSO have bulky pickup that day.