What about Solar?

March 13, 2023

We hear plenty of questions about how consumer-owned solar panels work in our community, so here is an FAQ to get you started on your search.

Q. Can I install solar panels on my house inside Baldwin City limits?

A. Maybe. There are conditions to meet and a permitting process. The permit is available here. Please note there is a $500 application fee.

Q. How much could I save?

A. That depends largely on your usage. For a residential customer, you would receive 11.5 cents/kw credit on your bill for net metering usage. For commercial customers, the savings is 7.5 cents/kw for parallel metering. You will not receive money back at any time, but your total generation will be subtracted from your bill.

Q. Where can I install solar panels?

A. That’s up to the installation company you choose to use, but it’s possible you could use roof space or a structure in your yard.

Q. Where do you recommend we purchase solar panels?

A. There are a number of good companies locally who sell and install panels. Try searching for “solar companies in the Baldwin City area” and check reviews and ratings.

A couple of companies to get you started on your search:

Solar Planet Inc. - 913-788-1077

Good Energy Solutions - 785-371-1198

Ra Power LLC - 785-727-6036

Q. Can I install solar on an older house?

A. Maybe, but all electrical wiring should be up to current code as determined by the city code inspector.

Q. Can I bank any power overages for later?

A. Baldwin City allows 30-day banking only, so net zero is a best-case scenario. No positive account balances will be awarded.

The full Interconnection Standards Manual is available here, and you can print and file the application available here.