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Posted on: June 10, 2020

Where we stand

Use of Force Policy Graphic

On Monday, June 8th, 2020, county law enforcement partners met with Douglas County District Attorney’s Office - Kansas to discuss our current policies. Here’s where Baldwin City Police Department stands on each of the items highlighted by the District Attorney.

We are fully committed to each of the statements in this graphic, and this is what we practice daily in training, policy, and practice. In addition, Chief Pattrick is currently conducting a comprehensive review of all written policies for BCPD to be certain we meet or exceed these standards at all times.

Avoid chokeholds & strangleholds

Chokeholds and strangleholds are considered a deadly use of force and may only be used when a deputy or officer believes it is necessary to prevent serious injury or death to themselves or others. This restraint must be discontinued immediately once the threat has de-escalated.

Require de-escalation

Deputies and officers are required, and also prefer, to use de-escalation techniques whenever possible. The use of de-escalation tactics is incorporated into academy and routine officer training scenarios to encourage use as a first response tool.

Implement deadly force warning when possible

When in a situation that warrants the use of deadly force deputies and officers are required to attempt a verbal warning. In situations posing immediate danger to the public or officer this may not be possible.

Exhaust all reasonable options before deadly force

Deadly force is an irreversible action and is only used as a last resort by deputies and officers to prevent serious injury to themselves or others. Our deputies and officers assess every situation using the tools and resources available to them to de-escalate.

Duty to intervene

It is our sworn oath to protect the community and our oath, as well as policy, binds us to a duty to intervene if we witness a use of unreasonable force. Deputies and officers are required to report these interventions to a supervisor immediately following the event.

Ban shooting into moving vehicles when possible

Shooting into a moving vehicle is rarely effective; deputies and officers are trained to move out of the path of a moving vehicle. In a rare extreme event, shooting into a vehicle may be necessary to protect the public’s safety.

Require use of force continuum or similar

The Use of Force Continuum concept is an aged concept from previous decades and has give way to more science-based use of force training and policies. We incorporate these methods into our training and policies. Use of force only occurs when absolutely necessary to protect the community.

Require comprehensive reporting

Reporting is an essential part of accountability. Deputies and officers are required to submit reports, including any available video, for review by their supervisors whenever they are involved in a use of force situation.

Use of Force Policy Graphic

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