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Feb 17

February 4th, 2020 City Council Meeting

Posted on February 17, 2020 at 3:39 PM by Lynn Hughes

Reports from BGA, Sesquicentennial Committee; Strategic Planning to Start Soon

Baldwin City Council meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings of each month, at the Baldwin City Public Library located at 800 7th Street, at 7pm

Dear Baldwinites,

City Council members heard a yearly update from the Baldwin Golf Association (BGA) about some infrastructure updates out at the Baldwin City golf course, collaborations and partnerships from the last year, and some possible upcoming events - notably cross country events the BGA is planning to host in 2020.

The sesquicentennial committee gave a report on their progress in planning the city’s 150th birthday celebration. Roger Boyd of the Santa Fe Trail Association demonstrated a portion of the traveling exhibit he is working on, with a rather dramatic unfurling of a paper banner. Peach Madl of Baldwin City Lodge spoke about research the committee has done on historic families of Baldwin City whose descendants still live in or near the area. Wendy Conover, Director of the Baldwin City Library, talked about the planned “season of events” the committee has worked to develop. 

I took the opportunity to update the council on a proposed State Senate Resolution recognizing Baldwin’s 150th birthday that Senator Tom Holland is planning to present.

Councilman Brian Cramer stated “that the energy in the room at advisory committee meetings was off the charts.” I think it’s fair to say that all the stakeholders in Baldwin City are excited to celebrate 150 years of history. Council approved the proposed budget for Sesquicentennial activities.

Strategic Planning with KU School of Public Administration will begin in March.  

Committee Reports

Budget & Finance - Cory Venable.

Cory said the committee is discussing ways to aid the Senior Wheels program, which although funded by the county, occasionally needs short term help.

Community Development - Susan Pitts.

Susan talked about the Sullivan Square benches currently in development through a program headed up by the Lumberyard Arts Center. She also noted that Baldwin City is now the Quilt Capital of Kansas.

Public Health & Safety - Cory Venable.

Corey said they had already met, and a letter from the Police Chief had been sent out about a street with some pending parking changes. The Mayor mentioned aging city infrastructure as a potential upcoming committee topic.

Public Works & Utilities - Brian Cramer.

Brian mentioned a new generator is being installed at the city’s water pump station, and that updates are in process at several substations. A new sewer pump is on the project list. Preservation of the brick streets was also a topic at the last committee meeting. This committee will meet on the 3rd Wednesday, 9am, at City Hall going forward.

Legislative Committee - Julie Constantinescu.

Julie said she and Scott have contacted local legislators Tom Holland and Eileen Horn and will be meeting with each of them.

Council Committee meetings and agendas are available on the city website.

Glenn Rodden

City Administrator

Baldwin City, Kansas

*This article is part of an ongoing communications effort to effectively convey the “inner workings” of City Hall to citizens in a simple and accessible way. We welcome your input and opinions on any matter before the city council at any time. City staff and council members are happy to discuss issues one on one. Visit for contact information. Agendas are available at, and to watch online via livestream, visit*